5000 Years Old Shree Krishna Tirth - Bhalka Tirth

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Every year one day God’s statue from this temple is missing, the big secret is


God’s statue from this temple is missing

God’s statue disappear for a day every year, from the temple where devotees visit the temple daily for the Lord’s darshan. After disappearing, he himself comes to meet the devotees. You might be surprised at this but it is true.

We are talking about Lord Jagannath. Lord comes on earth once a year, on that day God is with the devotees on the road with his family. Lord travels to the capital with her sister Subhadra and brother Balabhadra. This series of excursions starts from the Jagannath temple of Orissa,Puri, in all Jagannath temples of India.

God rides on the chariot with decoration and comes in the public and blesses them. This lila of God is famous in the world by the name of Jagannath Rathayatra. Shri Jagannath Rath Yatra is excelled in the whole of India, to the secondary of Ashadh Shuklpaksh.

Mysteries Of Orissa Puri’s Jagannath Temple Which Are Still Unexplained

  •     The fluttering flag above this temple always flows in the opposite direction of the wind
  •  There is no bird on top of the Jagannath temple.
  • It is a surprise that nothing flies above the temple.
  • Sudarshan Chakra is available at the top of every temple of Puri, no one knows the secret of this tradition
  • The shadow of the peak of this temple is always invisible
  • There is no shortage of food in the kitchen of the farm, no matter how many devotees eat here

More detail information  about unbelievable facts of Jagannath temple Puri, Orissa.

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