The   Sun temple is locateted arrange inside the Gaya territory neighborhood of Bihar state. The charm of that  memerizes everyone who visits the locate. People visiting the non- forget the feel all obtain. The conduit hero is of  Sun that is believed toward receive be built in near the twelth century. Gaya obtain always be determined to be a extremely religious locate…

Wallpaper Lord Surya

Substance Of Sun Temple  Surya Kund
           People worship their ancestors in this place and perform ceremonies like Shradh etc. They pay their homage to the dead. It is believed that one’s intimates go to Surya Lok if a person sees the Sun from Dakshin Manas Tirth Kund. This place is filled with a huge crowd on the occasion of Chatt festival. A lot of devotees visit this place during this period and offer prayers to Lord Surya.

 The  narration about of Sun Temple of Gaya Mandir
            This the one of  Sun temple  primeval Sun temples in India. It is different from the other sun temples on the basis of its splendor. This temple is famous for its religious value. Other places of religious value can also be seen in Gaya along with the  Surya Mandir.
Belinvness about The Surya Mandir  Of Dakshinaarka  Gaya

The specially Sunday is the day of worship. This temple was patronized by the Peshwas and by the ruler of Datia, a nearby town. It is believed to have been built prior to the Mauryan period. The God Sun has been worshipped in this place for ages. . This temple's beliveness until be extremely religious following this citizen visiting this one position sacrifice themselves until Sun.The Sun temple enhances Gaya’s religious revere also importance.

The Sun Temple Gaya Bihar

Image Of Sun Temple Gaya

Famous Temple Gaya Bihar

The Sun Temple in Bihar

Surya Mandir Bihar

Photo Of Surya Mandir Bihar

 Surya Mandir In Gaya Bihar

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