GIRNAR - Temple In India
GIRNAR ( Temple In Gujarat ) is a collection of the mountains near JUNAGADH district of GUJARAT state in INDIA. The location is 327 km far from AHEMEDABAD City near JUNAGADH. GIRNAR mountain is a holy pilgrimage place of HINDUS and JAINS. The location is a lust green an adventurous forest which is also known as “GIR FOREST”. GIRNAR mountain includes number of temples and holy places of HINDUS. There is a attracting MOSQUE too which is a religious place of worship for MUSLIMS. This way GIRNAR becomes the best example of UNITY IN DIVERSITY in INDIA.

GIRNAR - Jain Tirth Location

The GIRNAR is a tallest hill of the GUJARAT located near JUNAGADH and 327 KM far from AHEMEDABAD. The height of tallest hill of GIRNAR is 3382 feet from sea level. GIRNAR ( Hills In Gujarat ) is one of the major pilgrim places for different religions so that it takes high amount of tourists worldwide. The location is just near to the municipal town JUNAGADH which just 5 KM away from it and has the good facilities for tourism and local transports. There is a regular local and governmental bus transporting facilities for tourists. There is railway transport facility too as the JUNAGADH is a nearest railway station from GIRNAR. The nearest international airport is AHEMEDABAD and other national or local nearer airports are RAJKOT and KESHOD which are in the distance of 60 KM and 100 KM.

Jain Temples In Gujarat - GIRNAR:

GIRNAR has a number of hindu temples surrounded in green lust of GIR FOREST. All temples of the GIRNAR hill are sacred for both the HINDU and JAIN faith. The temples are very old and with the smell of Indian ancient age, some of them are older even from MOHE-JO-DARO and DHOLAVIRA. Some of these things are noted into the VEDAS.

There are some beautiful and marvelous marble made grouped JAIN temples. They are one of the best man made scriptures from the ancient age, most of them was built between 1128 AD to 1159 AD. The uniqueness of these JAIN temples is there are the both DIGAMBAR and SHWETAMBAR temples in GIRNAR which made it a most important JAIN Pilgrim place from 3rd century. The NEMINATH temple is one of the most attractive for JAINS. The temple COMPLES has quadrangle courtyards, corridors and other shrines. The pillars are adorned with intricate carvings of JAIN TIRTHANKARS. Nearby MALLINATH Temple was built by the brothers VASTUPAL and TEJAPAL. There is a RISHABHDEV temple in the same vicinity. The temple is golden colored. It is dedicated to the 24 JAIN TIRTHANKARS. There is another JAIN temple named PARSHVANATH which was built in 15th century and also known as the “MERAVASI”.

In addition there is a HINDU religion temple of god DATTATREYA or Lord RAMA which is a part of attraction for HINDUS. The other HINDU places are BHARATHARI GUFA, MALI PARAB, HATHI PASHAN etc.
The most attractive and important point about GIRNAR is, there is exactly 9999 steps from first and lowest heighted temple to the highest peak temple, but the actual number of step is approximately 8000. In HINDU religion there is a legend that climbing GIRNAR barefooted earns one a peace in HEAVEN.

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