The Story About Miracle Stone Rain Forecast

Can the stone also predict? Even if it sounds strange in the hearing, but it is amazing truth.  On the roof of the temple there is an underground stone which predicts monsoon arrival 15 days before. Temple priest KP Shukla told that when the monsoon will come this year, its address will go after May 20. Water droplets start dripping down from the stone, and after this the whole country will start raining. The temple complex and the statue of Lord Jagannathji are displaced. For which people come from distant places and earn virtue.

Miracle stone which makes the rain forecast


Temple is full of secrets

Made in the shape of a round dome and the stupa of Sanchi, this temple is unique in all over India. If it is seen as a building, no one can say that it will be a temple but this temple is only here and here the grand statue of Lord Jagannath is displaced. The unique view of this temple can be estimated from the fact that two dome is seen on the side and from the rear view, whereas the same dome is seen when looking from the front or it can be said that the entire temple of the entire one The dome appears. The beauty of this temple does not end here, but it starts from here. There is a miraculous stone in the roof just above the statue of Lord Jagannath in the temple, which predicts monsoon arrival in Uttar Pradesh.

jagannath miracle stone temple india – inner view

Farmers celebrate as soon as the water drops starts dripping.

Temple priests say that fifteen days before the arrival of the monsoon, the drops of water begin to drip from the stone in the temple. The drip of drops of water in pearls is continued until the monsoon comes in Uttar Pradesh and when the monsoon comes, the drip of the drops is stopped. Ramprasad Patel of the village says that if the drops of water do not touch the stone, then it is decided to dry in the entire state. If the water droplets took their breath, then no one can stop rain to touch the feet of state. Ramprasad believes that this prophecy is from stone only on the order of Lord Jagannath Maharaj. It is said that as soon as the prediction is from the temple, the farmers of the surrounding 100 villages start preparations for the cleaning of crops and fields along with the protection of their crops.

Big statue as a wonder for people

This temple and its dome in the ancient history of Uttar Pradesh is unique in the whole of India. If you look at the entire complex of this temple, if the Dev Bhangimas, which were painted inside the temple, are seen on 12 pillars of the temple, then statues of old gods and goddesses appear in the ages. Not only this, there is a huge boulder of Dev Bhangimas outside the temple, which people say that its fathoms are in the huts. Millions of people believe in the prediction from the stone in this temple. There is no source of water anywhere near the stone, even then the water droplets drip from the stone, no one knows where these droplets of water come from. Temple priest KP Shukla said that inside the temple there is a monsoon stone, which drains the water from which it is known that it is raining. Let the scientists say that the monsoon has gone, it will not rain, but if the temple starts to drip The rain will definitely be there.

Big statue as a wonder – Jagannath Temple

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