The Surya Pahar Mandir in Assam


Sri Surya Pahar, a convergence of the three religion of Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, is a treasure trove of ancient monuments, is situated about 12 kms. Southeast of Goalpara, 136 kms northwest of Guwahati.The Surya Pahar mandir is also another famous religious place that is located near Dispur, in the state of Assam- in the city of Goalpara. It is visited by many people throughout the year, mainly due to the archaeological remains which are located around the temple in surya Pahar. Surya Pahar mandir is an earliest sun worship center.

About Sri Surya Pahar Mandir
               The temple was so designed that the first rays of the sun fell on the image of Surya, the Sun God, at the time equinoxes.Sri Surya Pahar can also be called a garden of medicinal plants, most of which awaits identification. The hills are also abode to rare primates and local legends claim that one less than a 100000 shivalingas dotted the hills but after centuries of neglect and pilferage, not all remain. All this together makes it a favored destination for naturalists and adventure tourists, in addition to religious tourists. Sri Surya Pahar stands identified as one of them. A carved stone slab, housed in the Surya Temple is worshipped as Surya. Various stories and legends are famous about this temple that attract a lot of tourists and devotees from all around the world.
The Surya Kund 
          This Suryakunda, also famous as Ramakunda, is a large rectangular stepped tank measuring 53.6 x 36.6 meters under the east face of sabhamandap used to store pure water. Devotees were required to perform ceremonial ablutions here before worshiping the Sun God.  The Suryakund is a finest example of geometry. It is proportioned with innumerable stone steps leading devotees down to its base. 108 miniature shrines are carved in between the steps inside the tank. Also number 108 considered to be auspicious by Hindus as Hindu rosary has same number of beads.

The Surya Pahar Temple

Wallpaper Surya Pahar Mandir

The Beauti Of  Surya Pahar Temlpe

Surya Pahar Temple Image

Arround The Surya Pahar Temple