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Hindu Sun Temple Arasavlli  

How To Reach Sun Temple Arasavlli ?

The Hindu God Sun Temple Arasavlli placed in Arasavalli Village which is at a distance of about 1 kilo miter east of Srikakulam city in Andhra Pradesh, State of India.

An ancient Indian temple Arasavlli committed to the Sun God Surya.

What is the meaning of Arasavlli ?
The original name of Arasavlli is Harshavalli means house of joy.

About Sun Temple Arasavlli Story (Legend)

Lord Balarama, the incarnation of lord Vishnu brought the flow Nagavali river together with the rut of his farmer as a consequence consecrated a place of worship ( Temple or Mandir ) of Uma ( Goddess Parvati ) plus Rudra ( Lord Shiva ) Koteshwara upon the seashore of the flow.  All the deities arrived on present theirs obeisance on Divine Couple.

God Indra, The God Of Paradise did not show up on time. Lord Indra made his nearness pending late night. Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva was guarding the entrance gate. Lord Indra tried on disobey the rules near entering the house of prayer. Nandi did not grant Lord Indra into come to in, because of it was resting interval of the Divine Couple (Shiva Parvati). God Indra was adamant, on witness the temple.

Nandeeshwara kicked God Indra with his foot also sent Indra’s flowing in the air towards Eastern side. Lord Indra fell down senseless with body pains. God Indra offered prayers on Sun God because of relief.  God Sun took concern upon Lord Indra, touched his body with strong curative rays, as a result and got back his strength and relieved from pain. Indra dev was thankful the Sun who gave him fullback his strength. Indra dev did a appeal toward Sun God Surya to grant him to stay and feed him forever.

Why Important Pushkarini ( Lord Indra Pushkarini ) ?
Lord Surya granted his desire also disappeared. Indra Dev with the aid of his Vajrayudha dug the land and a Pond was formed. The Pond is named next Lord Indra - Indra Pushkarini.

Devotees carry a holy plunge in the Pushkarini previous to visiting the main Sun Temple.

Lord Indra Pushkarini
Lord Indra Pushkarini

About Sun Temple Arasavlli Architect Viswakarma - The  Divine Architect constructed the temple. Lord Surya's mandir(Temple) receive a hit studded with infrequent diamonds, Hands with Abhaya Mudra,  Wide inaugurate eyes, Beautiful attention rings and a Graceful face.

The Arasavalli temple was built by the Eastern Kalinga Kings who ruled over the Kalinga region from the 4th through the 14th centur. Inscriptions reveal grants made by Aditya Vishnu Sarma and Bhanu Sarma of the Kalinga clan. The present structure is largely a result of 18th century renovations.

Sun God Surya Idol Inside Temple
A black granite image of Surya about 5 feet in height bearing lotus buds (hence the name Padma Paani), flanked by his wife Padma, Usha and Chhaaya, on a 7 horse driven chariot is the object of worship here.

At the base of the image are the gate keepers Pingala and Danda and the saints Sanaka and Sananda. Surya's charioteer Aruna (Anoora) is also depicted in the image.

Photos of Sun God Surya Arasavalli
Photos of Sun God Surya Arasavalli

Pictures Of Sun God Surya
Pictures Of Sun God Surya

Why to Visit Sun Temple Arasavlli ?
Hindu Sun temple arrange in such a way that the God Sun rays fall on the feet of the God 2 times a year in the months of February and June during the early hours of the day. The rays fall on the feet of idol for a few minutes through the five entrance gates of the arasavlli templ.

The five idols installed in one place in the temple viz., 1.Aditya 2.Ambica 3.Vishnu 4.Ganesha, 5.Maheswara are worshiped by different devotees.

Mythology About Sun Temple Arasavlli

The People suffering with eye and skin diseases are believed to be making welled by the god at this temple.
Every Sunday people from different places from Andhra & Orissa any from many other state come here for worshiping the Sun God Surya.

Sun temple Arasavalli Entrance Gate