VIRPUR is a small village and the HINDU worship place about 52 km away from RAJKOT. The village became holy after the birth of SHREE JALARAM BAPA. He was one of the great SAINT from 20th century in SAURASHTRA. The place is a world-famous due to the events taken place during the life of JALARAM BAPA. More over the people from all over the world come here to see the native place of SHREE JALARAM BAPA and to see the "JHOLI" and "DANDA" given by god to VIRBAI MAA and the Original HANUMANJI'S Idol. The people in the village are still feeling BAPA near them and if you try to feel them with pure heart then you will also feel that BAPA is with you also.
About Jalaram Temple ( Mandir Of India )
The "Samadhi" of SHREE JALARAM BAPA is on the feet of GOD SHREE RAM CHANDRA. This had entrance just on the Left side of the Big Gate of the "DELA". The "JHOLI-DANDA" which is kept in the Transparent Cup-board and SHREE HANUMANJI’S Idol is also near the "SAMADHI". Due to the "JHOLI-DANDA" only, it is possible to provide two times  free PRASAD  and TEA to the thousands of visitor who come for the DARSHAN of SHREE JALARAM BAPA .Here in the "DARBAR OF GOD" every one where he is "CROREPATI" or "ROADPATI" is consider same and they are offered "PRASAD" when they all sit in a same row. The "PRASAD" consist of "GANTHIA","BUNDI" and "SABJI" in morning and "KHICHADI-KADHI" and "DESHI GHEE" in evening in a traditional dish of Leaves. All visitors take this PRASAD happily.
There are three GAINT COPPER POTS in the Temple which was given by "GANGA MAIYA" filled with the "PAVITRA JAL" of GANGA, YAMUNA and SARASWATI rivers. The water from these pots never got empty. Moreover no one had suffered from any disease after drinking this "JAL".
About Jai Jalaram Bapa :

SHREE JALARAM BAPA was born in the year 1800 AD in the village VIRPUR, Gujarat. His mother, RAJBAI was very fond of serving saints. No saint could go from VIRPUR without receiving the hospitality of RAJBAI. Shree JALARAM BAPA’S father's name was PRADHAN THAKKAR, who was engaged in business.

At the tender age of 16, JALARAM married VIRBAI, daughter of THAKKAR PRAGJI SOMAJIA. JALARAM was however not inclined to live household life and to continue to do business with his father. He is mostly engaged in serving saints. He separated himself from his father's business and stayed with his uncle, VALJIBHAI, who was very fond of JALARAM. It was obvious that JALARAM was inclined to completely withdraw from marital life. Fortunately his wife, VIRBAI MAA decided to follow the path of JALARAM. So, when JALARAM decided to go for a pilgrimage for holy places, VIRBAI followed him.
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