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DAKOR is a small municipality town in KHEDA district into the state of GUJARAT. The attraction of DAKOR from worldwide is the temple of lord KRISHNA (SHREE RANCHHODRAIJI). The place is a HINDU worship place and takes thousand of devotees every year from worldwide. The lord of the temple is RANCHHODRAIJI whom is from one of the AVATARS of lord KRISHNA. There are 108 names of lord KRISHNA as per legend says.

Why Lord Krishna Temple at Dakor ? 
The presence of DAKOR name is belonged from the great devotee of lord KRISHNA, the BODANA. In his previous birth, he is supposed to live in GOKUL and been a cowherd called VIJAYANAND. On once at a HOLI day, all the cowherds except VIJAYANAND worshiped lord KRISHNA, but VIJAYANAND has proud and stayed at home. Lord KRISHNA came to his house in disguise of his friend and sent him to perform “HOLI PUJA”. Coming back he felt that the friend came to him was no one but a lord KRISHNA. Next day they fought a battle of COLOUR and lord KRISHNA fell into the river. VIJAYANAND went after him where lord KRISHNA revealed his true self. This storey is told by one of the devotees of KRISHNA, BHOLANATH in 1957.  He used to walk all the way from DAKOR to DWARKA on every full moon night. As BHOLANATH aged, it became harder for him to go to DWARKA. Then lord KRISHNA told him that he need not walk all the way to DWARKA as he had decided to accompany him and stay with him in DAKOR.

 So, some devotees started moving the idol of Lord Krishna. The local people objected to this and fought with the devotees. God told the devotees to throw his idol into the water. The local people searched for the idol by poking sticks into the water, but they were not able to find it. When the devotees removed the idol of Lord KRISHNA, wounds were seen all over the idol. These wounds were attributed as due to the sticks.

The local people then asked the devotees for gold equal to the weight of the idol. The only gold that the devotee had was his wife's nose ring. However, when the nose ring and the idol were weighed, they were found to be equal in weight. It is believed that Lord KRISHNA tilted the scales in favor of the nose ring, so that the local people could get only a very small quantity of gold. This idol of Lord KRISHNA was then installed at DAKOR. This shows how Lord KRISHNA changed his residence for the convenience of his devotees.

Recently, DAKOR is included in one of the six major pilgrimage places under "YATRADHAM VIKAS BOARD" by Government of GUJARAT for development as a well-planned and well organized pilgrim place to facilitate the vast amount of visiting pilgrims. Lots of pilgrims visit the place every year and a continuous increase is witnessed every year. On "FAGUN PURNIMA" celebration the town gets ready with all the means to welcome and serve 1.5 million tourists. The sentiments and emotions of devotees during these celebrations are unimaginable.

When Festival at Dakor Temple Gujarat ?
On full moon days, people visit the temple to seek the blessings as was done by the devotee who brought SHREE KRISHNA to the temple. So there is a great inflow of people and the town is very crowded. There is a carnival or fair taking place around February and March, on the day of festival of HOLI and observed by all HINDUS as a mark for triumph of the truth and goodness.

On the day of SHARAD PURNIMA which comes after end of NAVRATRA is the day believed on which lord KRISHNA come to DAKOR as RANCHHODRAIJI with his great devotee known as BODANA. Lord comes to DAKOR to fulfill the promise that he will come to DAKOR with BODANA

History Of Dakor Mandir 
Over the years, much has changed at DAKOR. From a small village of DANKPUR, it has now transformed itself into a major center of religious and commercial activity in the region. The small shrine of the original temple is now encased in a large temple complex, which has grown up around it. The current temple complex is set in a large square setting. Four gates pierce the outer walls at the cardinal points. Various offices and storerooms are set around the outer perimeter of the temple. The actual temple is set on a high platform in a complex, set in the style of medieval temples from the region. The form of Lord RANCHHODRAI is that of the Lord Vishnu with four arms. As is usual with Lord Vishnu, he bears the conch, lotus, discus and the mace in his hands. The lower right arm is held up in the ABHAYA MUDRA - giving protection to all those who come to Him. There may be a lotus imprinted on the hand, but it is impossible to confirm that without getting really close to the Lord. As the Lord here is worshipped more as Krishna than DWARKADHISH, i.e. younger and freer than the mature Lord of DWARKA, His right hand is often shown to hold a flute - a favorite instrument of the Lord in His younger days. The upper right hand holds the mace, the upper left hand holds the discus and the lower left hand holds the conch. Ordinarily, it is difficult to see these "AVADHUS" of the Lord in His hands. During festivals, the hands encased in gloves of gold studded with gems.

How to reach Dakor Temple Gujarat ?
DAKOR is in THASRA TALUKA of KHEDA District, 43 km northeast of ANAND, and 35 km east of NADIAD. Private and ST buses are available from AHEMEDABAD, VADODARA and ANAND.NADIAD and ANAND are the nearest major railway stations. There is also a slow-train branch line terminus at UMRETH, 7 km away. The nearest airport is in VADODARA- 78 km south, but the AHEMEDABAD airport- 90 km to the northwest, is not much further and has far more flights.

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