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AMARNATH is one of the major and most popular pilgrim places of HINDUS. It is a tallest and most adventures place covered by the green lust and snow. There is a temple of HINDU lord named SHIVA. And the attracting point of the temple is that the “SHIVA LING” is made itself and produced by snow naturally. It is located in the JAMMU AND KASHMIR state of INDIA. The place is also known as AMARNATH CAVES which is said to be 5000 years old.

The SHIVA LING lies into the main cave of AMARNATH which waxes during May to August and wanes thereafter. According to some said, this lingam of ice grow and shrink with the phases of the moon when it reaches the maximum height during the summer festival. According to HINDU mythology AMARNATH is the cave where lord SHIVE explained the secret of life and eternity to his divine consort PARVATI. Two other formations or lingam around the SHIVA LINGAM represents PARVATI and GANESH whom are wife and son of lord SHIVA.

There was a chronicle named RAJAVALIPTAKA which was started by PRAJAVBHATTA and completed by SUKHA, there is a cleared and detailed reference to the pilgrimage to the scared site (v.841, vv. 847-849). According to the references, in a reply to AKBAR’s query about KASHMIR YUSUF KHAN whom was the MUGHAL GOVERNOR of Kashmir at that time, described the AMARNATH YATRA in full detail. SANTBETRA AWAMI RAMANANDJI MAHARAJ was a great devotee of lord SHIVA used to go AMARNATH YATRA wearing the shorts (called “CHADDI” in INDIA). It is also said that he used to travel on the tigers too (SHER KI SAWARI).His native place was BEHTRA in POK named SANTBETRA ASHOKA.


The famous HINDU pilgrim place AMARNATH is at greater heights on HIMALAYAN MOUNTAIN REINGE. Because of the heighted location, the road transportation facilities are “NOT-BAD”, and daily bus transport facilities are also available for tourists.

There is a helicopter transport facilities too. The helicopter facilities are providing the journey from SRI-NAGAR airport to BALTAL. There is the AMARNATH SHRINE BOARD which provides the huts to live for the tourists. Dinner and Prasad meets at YAATRA LANGARS. The helipad is just in the walking distance from the huts.

Baba AMARNATH is one of the toughest pilgrims in INDIA. But beside that the number of devotees increases in LAKHS and LAKHS to this holy place of AMARNATH. Adding more there are three routes that take the tourists to this holy place of AMARNATH out of which two are from roadways and other one is by airways, by helicopter.


JAMMU to PAHALGAM is about 315 km that can be travelled by the conveyance of Taxi and Buses. The government has provided the facilities of running Taxies and Buses from RAGHUNATH bazaar early in the morning but the tourists can also travel to JAMMU by air and then go for PAHALGAM. Whole this journey starts with the first route of PAHALGAM located at a distance of 96 km from SRINAGAR on the banks of LIDDER RIVER surrounded by natural beauty of LANDSCAPES.


This another one route trek to AMARNATH from JAMMU with a total distance of 440 km. This route can be experienced as the heaven of JAMMU-KASHMIR, paradise on earth while passing through the stepped mountains and beautiful valleys which makes the journey memorable. The places covered in journey are, UDHAMPUR-KUD-PATNI TOP-RAMBAN-BANIHAL-KAZI GUND-ANANTNAG-SRINAGAR-SONAMARG-BALTAL. The road width and driving comfort is not as good as compare to PHALGAM route.


RIGVEDA evokes his presence in its Hymns, the most scared and the most ancient book of INDIA. The VEDIC MYTHS, RITUALS, and even ASTRONOMY testify the existence of this cave. LORD SHIVA, the destroyer and mendicant is hard to define. The legend behind the cave is that the lord SHIVA once explained the secret of creation to DEVI PARVATI and unknown to them the pair of mating doves eavesdropped on this conversation and learned the secret. This pair of doves reborn again and again and have made their eternal adobe.

According to ancient tale, there was a MUSLIM shepherd named BUTTA, a sack of coal by SADHU. He discovered that the sack contains the gold. BUTTA MALIK overjoyed and rushed back to SADHU to thank him. But on the spot where they mate was discovered by him as a cave and the place became the TIRTH of worship for believers of pilgrim.  

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